When The Distillers announced they were playing a handful of select shows and festivals in 2018, they had some of the fastest selling tickets of the year. California shows sold out in minutes, and the hype was incredible. The band delivered blistering, raw, amazing performances, and we were front and center for their punk as fuck live show at Observatory.

Since the band broke up in 2006, their California performances were the first in 13 years, which again, made every show packed and fervor among fans a fever pitch. This was one of the rowdiest, loudest, and most fun shows we’ve been to ever, and calling the show “legendary” doesn’t even come close to how monumental seeing one of their first shows in over a decade was.

All eyes were on Brody Dalle, as the punk icon belted out classics and the audience went wild. Since only January, when the band confirmed their newly opened social media and announced to the world they were back, there hasn’t been such unbridled passion and adoration from fans and music critics alike in a long while. We count ourselves among the lucky few to have witnessed and photographed their comeback.

Being in California makes you realize that venues like Observatory really set the tone for legendary shows and appearances like The Distillers playing for the first time in over 10 years, and make you appreciate being part of such incredible music history. It definitely helps that the show was one of the most punk things we’ve seen in a long time, and only reinvigorated us for their performance at Shaky Knees Saturday, May 5th.

Make sure to grab your tickets here if you’re lucky enough to be in Atlanta for a similarly epic set from the legendary band at one of their fest festival performances in years, and as always, check Observatory for those once in a lifetime shows.

Photos by Antonio Gonzalez