Cloak and Dagger Fest is one of the most unique festivals of the year. The all black dress code and the 21 and up fests also pulls out an amazing goth and shoegaze as well as punk heavy lineup with some stellar acts spread across multiple stages and venues. Since the fest is two days, it won’t be hard to see all of your favorite acts, but none the less, we’ll highlight the must see  bands for the weekend.

The Jesus and Mary Chain

This is a no brainer, as the fest is centered around the legendary icons from the 80s that still set the style and the bar for shoegaze bands everywhere. Don’t miss their performance.

Com Truise

We first saw Com Truise at Beach Goth 3 and we’ve been hooked on his live performances ever since. The dude rocks out and has some seriously infectious grooves.


The band got started early by opening up for such legendary acts as Nine Inch Nails in 2008, remixed Crystal Castles songs in 2007, and having their self titled recorded at The Smell in Los Angeles. The perfect band to see at The Globe Theatre.


Ho99o9, pronounced Horror, and also known as HO99O9 DEATH KULT have established a huge cult following with their live performances. They were a hit at SXSW and will be a hit at Cloak and Dagger too.


She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge toured extensively with Depeche Mode in 2006, so that alone should pretty much clue you in on the type of band and caliber they are. Headlining Saturday night will be the perfect close to the festival. Since the band had a single recently featured on American Horror Story too, expect lots of new fans upfront.


Lohner/Kirkland features members of Nine Inch Nails, The Crystal Method, and A Perfect Circle. Nuff’ said, go see them.


KMFDM were originally called Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, loosely translated by the band as “no pity for the majority”. They’re a german industrial band and pair perfectly with the vibe and feel of the fest. Another 80s band that as far as we know, don’t headline many festivals we know of, so a unique and rare opportunity to vibe out to some stellar dark dance music.

Cold Cave

Cold Cave have been described as “a collage of darkwave, noise, and synthpop” and have been compared often to Joy Division. Again, another must see and perfect add for the all black dress code and image Cloak and Dagger are upholding.