The Neighbourhood have been one of the biggest names in festival acts for the last few years, making notable stops at the sold out Coachella, and tons of international and California favorite fests. In fact, you can watch their set live at Coachella tonight at 5:55 PST April 13th in the link here. Beyond fests though, the band are currently on an incredibly sold out national tour for April, with tickets still available for the summer. June see’s the band hitting up select eastern American states with tickets going fast.

We had the extreme pleasure of seeing the band in Portland, Oregon recently and they did not disappoint.

Anyone seeing the band live knows that The Neighbourhood throw one of the most engaging and wildly emotional performances around. While simultaneously creating an emotional and brooding atmosphere with stunning lights and visuals, the band is as at home performing for an eager and intimate venue as they are for a sold out mega fest like Coachella.

The stylish and irreverent Los Angelenos continue their tour in a few months, so catch them while you can, and don’t miss their stream both weekends at Coachella below.

Photos and words by Keegan Huey-Woods