Oh Sees and Ty Segall are about as prolific as any band could be. With name changes, side projects, and more albums than one can remember, both bands have been on fire in 2017 and in the last few years. That’s why when it was announced that Oh Sees would be performing only a handful of shows with their OCS lineup and performing materiel from Memory Of A Cut Off Head merely 4 times ever as they claim, we jumped at the opportunity to see them live. Oh, also, it was for an incredibly cool cause, which you can read more about here.

Shannon Lay has been playing some amazing high profile shows and we expect to see her all over events like SXSW next year. A welcome and perfect addition to Ty and Oh Sees events, the up and comer has been stunning audiences for years and we’re excited to see her playing our favorite venues around.

Ty Segall was originally only playing at the two San Francisco shows, but was added late to the Teragram performances, which sold out almost immediately. Ty and Oh Sees are no strangers to holiday fundraiser shows, so this has always been a great treat. Since Ty has his upcoming album out next month, he’s toured and released material heavy with appearances on Late Shows and has teased much of the upcoming singles and hits from Freedom’s Goblin. It’s been amazing seeing him play live and enjoy goofing off and playing acoustic sets and jam heavy before launching into 2018 strong, so his set at Teragram was really exciting.

Oh Sees have not only changed their name quite often, but have been playing unique shows and tours where they’ll have a set lineup and perform a set album. As stated above, John claims that these four shows would be the only time material from the album Memory of a Cut Off Head would be performed live. As such, the performance was a mellowed down acoustic set with beautiful vocals, haunting melodies, and some good energetic thrashing still peppered in the set for fans of the heavier side of John Dwyer. Having had an amazing 2017, we’re really excited to see the direction the band ends up going in, as John is no stranger to experimentation, new projects, and indulging in his fantastical imaginative style and music.

Photos by Taylor Wong