We’ve been getting really excited listening to the playlist Tropicália has made on Spotify, getting pretty stoked on all the amazing food vendors at the fest, and now that the set times have dropped, analyzing the perfect schedule for who to see. You can check below and decide on your own favorites, but here are a few of the must see sets we’d recommend.

Los Tigres Del Norte and Jhene Aiko are must sees for fans staying late at the event. Jhene was amazing at Coachella and Los Tigres are emblematic of the entire fest, so if you’re planning on doing a night show, you’ll probably have plenty of space as the day parties separate for the night owls.

Chicano Batman are probably the #1 must see set in terms of applicable fest representatives. They’re groovy and psychedelic, they represent the culture and feel of the fest well, and they fucking rock. Many who can’t make it all night will be fine seeing these fest favorites and calling it a night.

Bane’s World is a relatively new phenomenon that we can’t get enough of. Although smaller, this late night treat will be the highlight to many indie and ambient lo-fi heads and fans. Hope to see more of him on the festival circuit next year.

Kali Uchis will undoubtably be one of the most popular acts at the fest. A solid set time and huge fan base. Don’t miss her sensation set.

Slow Hollows members model, play with Tyler The Creator and Frank Ocean, and play some of the hippest and most fun fests of the year. Their late but not too late set time makes them another must see.

King Krule is our personal must see of the entire event. All of his recently announced shows have completely sold out, and cost wise, it’s cheaper to go to this fest and see a few bands than shell out over $100 for a ticket to King Krule at some of his Los Angeles shows. Oh, also, his new album is fucking perfect.

Cuco is a young heartthrob from Los Angeles who is quickly becoming/already is the next biggest sensation. His songs are touching, romantic, tragic, and beautiful. Expect to see a huge crowd of younglings swarming for his set.

Yellow Days remind us a lot of Bane’s World in that they’re both young and extremely talented young artists with infectious beats and lyrics. Yellow Days JUST turned 18 and already has an amazingly promising music career with his timeless sounds and style. Get on his set early.

Sadgirl are local scene favorites and wow do they rule. Their dreamy style will make you fall in love with the band even if you’ve never seen or heard them before. We hope audiences unfamiliar with the band will fall for them as much as local fans have.

Surf Curse, The Buttertones, Current Joys, Thee Commons, Pity Party, and The High Curbs are more amazing bands that have been burning up the scene with their amazing style, music and energy. They’re all must sees but we also understand this fest will probably be separated into the early riser local scene supporters and the night owls who are fans of the bigger bands. Some will leave after the free tacos run out, and some will just go game on for the full day and night, so plan accordingly and prioritize your favorite bands. Just remember to pace yourself with all that amazing food!

Photo by Natalie Somekh, words by Phillip Gutgesell