It’s easy to be cynical in the face of a Hallmark holiday, especially Valentine’s Day. As if the pressure and expectations to show love through consumerism weren’t enough, the day also thrives on leaving out all the lonely hearts. Thankfully, a sliver of darkness from Twin Temple has cut through all the treacle.

On “Lucifer, My Love,” the Satanic doo-wop duo conjure an exquisite old school love ballad, except dedicated to the multiverse’s number one bad boy. We can only imagine that Mr. Morningstar feels like such a bae when Alexandra James coos “I may not be a virgin/But I’m saving myself for you.”

Do not miss Twin Temple as they play with Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Cat Scan and Kaz Mirblouk at Echoplex on March 1.

Words and photo by Frank Mojica