With only one color variant of the album (currently trending at ~$75) on vinyl, the 2012 double 10” has finally been reissued. Released on “Very limited edition color vinyl”, the album is first come first served with an unnamed amount. In The Red does releases of a few hundred color variants which makes all early and re-released incredibly rare.

Even if you don’t end up getting a color variant though, the album will be re-released as a double 12” instead of 10”, have a new track left off from the original version, and will be remastered. Of note is that only the vinyl (not CD) version will have the new song.

Basically, grab this if you haven’t jumped on the Ty Segall bandwagon yet. Hell, it’s got a new song and remaster anyways, you probably played the last one to hell! Grab yourself another copy here because In The Red fucking rules.

Date Venue Location
Sep 01 The Coronet Theatre London, Uk Tickets & More
Sep 16 The Baby G Toronto, Canada Tickets & More
Oct 05 191 Toole Tucson, AZ Tickets & More
Oct 07 The Summit Music Hall Denver, CO Tickets & More
Oct 08 Fox Theatre Boulder, CO Tickets & More
Oct 10 Bunkhouse Las Vegas, NV Tickets & More

Also be sure to check them at Desert Daze! Tickets available here.