Supergroups, sideprojects, and jam bands seldom amaze the way they do when Ty Segall is part of them, and GØGGS is one of those bands that just constantly melts your face. If you don’t know by now, the group includes Ex-Cult’s Chris Shaw, Charles Moothart (of Segall’s project Fuzz), and Michael Anderson in addition to, of course, Ty Segall. They’ve just released a new song, “Pre Strike Sweep” which you can listen to below. They’ve also detailed the tracks, release date, and album cover in all its minimalist glory.

Pre Strike Sweep drops 9/28 on In The Red, and you’ll be able to order it sometime in the near future before the release date here.

01 “Killing Time”
02 “Pre Strike Sweep”
03 “Still Feeding”
04 “Space Rinse”
05 “CTA”
06 “Vanity”
07 “Disappear”
08 “Burned Entrance”
09 “Ruptured Line / Funeral Relief”
10 “Morning Reaper”

There are currently only a few tour dates for the band, and when they do play, it’s a pretty rare occurance, so you’d better get tickets quick, while you can.


Right now, Ty Segall also plays with White Fence on a short tour culminating at an appearance at Desert Daze. Ty is known to play festivals with one off side project performances, so keep your eyes peeled the rest of the year and in 2019 for another potential quick GØGGS tour.

You can grab tickets to Desert Daze here

Ty & White Fence Tour:

10/6/18Portland, OR

10/7/18Vancouver, Canada

10/8/18Seattle, WA

10/10/18Sacramento, CA

10/11/18Sonoma, CA

10/12/18– 10/14/18Lake Perris, CA