A lot is said about Coachella, the annual event and mega fest in Indio that has garnered international fame and luxury status. This year, however, the genius behind Viva Presents, Viva Pomona, & one of the best new additions to Coachella (the Sonora stage), brings a lot of culture to the area and peoples of the Coachella Desert Valley, and the local community.

Chicano Batman by James Sakert

Rene Contreras has been credited with injecting a wonderful touch of Latin and Hispanic culture, style, music and art not only into local shows, but Los Angeles and festival and music booking in general all over California. Excellent bands like Chicano Batman, Thee Commons, and Cuco have been mainstays at events like FYF, Coachella, Viva, and other Goldenvoice backed events and local shows. Wether booked or suggested directly by Rene, his influence has been incredible and undoubted, as shown by the meteoric rise of many of these bands.

Cuco by James Sakert

We’ll have an interview with Rene shortly and more info, but for now, check out the incredible CHELLA, which he has championed and is currently promoting.

The event is a thank you, and a rallying call for fans and community members of the Coachella area. Many out of towners coming in for Spring or Summer events frequent Indio, Riverside, Palm Desert/Springs and surrounding areas, so we’re thankfully getting some amazing fests and shows for the existing members of the area that have drastically different demographics than events such as Coachella.

You can grab tickets to the event here.

Also, make sure to check out Cuco’s set amongst our most anticipated performances at FYF Fest this summer. You can get tickets for that here.

We look forward to seeing more Latin and Hispanic influence in the upcoming year in festivals with Goldenvoice based shows, Viva events, and Coachella, as Rene’s quest to bring more culture and diversity continue to bring in some of the best bands and events around.

All photos by James Sakert