Talk about an amazing local show. Viva! has been killing it recently. With Viva Pomona being one of the best lineups for local bands and rising talent of the year, a sold out Valentine’s Day show for Cuco next year, and contemporary favorites like Tijuana Panthers, Enjoy and Bane’s World, Rene Contreras sure knows how to book em.

Notable of Rene and Viva are the likelihood that local bookings will appear at Coachella in 2018. Fan favorites Cuco are a heavily considered for festival circuits next year so one only needs to get tickets to a local show to see some of the hottest bands of 2018, and again, Rene is at the forefront of all that.

Enjoy are one of our favorite bands since not only do you get Wyatt and Fletcher Shears playing smaller local shows, but you get longtime contributors to the Vadaverse, Rexx and Ashley from Cowgirl Clue jamming out in an amazing full lineup. The shows are getting pretty rare and it’s amazing getting more of a glimpse into the world  that The Garden popularized and still maintain.

Relative newcomer Bane’s World was one of our favorite acts at Tropicalia Fest, and we’re incredibly excited to see the star in an intimate setting before he blows up and hits heavy on the fest circuit in the years to come.

Make sure to grab your tickets now right here.

Also, make sure to catch Enjoy Dec 21st at The Observatory OC with Homeshake and Mild High Club.

Featured photo by Adrian Discipulo.