In perhaps the strangest hour of television in history, Twin Peaks has outdone itself once again. We won’t ruin anything for you, other than the fitting performance by “The” iconic Nine Inch Nails. The band performs “She’s Gone Away” to an incredibly lucky audience at The Roadhouse. What’s even more mysterious than how such a small venue could afford such a huge headliner is the fact that the lyrics potentially hint at events from the episode and the greater Laura Palmer mythos.

You’ll have to wait a few weeks for another episode, but in the meantime, you can grab tickets to see the band play FYF (their first performance in LA in 3 years) and Riot Fest in Chicago. You can purchase tickets to Riot Fest here. 
Look for more amazing performance from iconic and contemporary favorites on the upcoming season of Twin Peaks, and don’t miss one of the best lineups of the year this July at FYF. Get tickets fast here because they’ll be sold out very soon.