The Grinning Ghosts have been a pretty central part of the Orange County DIY scene for the last few years, playing house shows, acting as supporting acts and playing in some of our favorite bands (Melted for example) in the area, and now, breaking out with new music.

“Minnie’s Yoo-Hoo” is a long lost ditty originally composed by Walt Disney in 1929. The Grinning Ghosts version takes on a sped up, warped, punk oriented angle. The tune has more in common with Dead Kennedys than it does Disney, and that’s what we’re into.

The video begins with hand drawn penciling, and ends with some pretty hilarious puns you’ll have to see for yourself. We’re really curious who “Tinderella” would match with in the 21stcentury for example.

The song will be the 2ndEP released in a trilogy, and will be out in a few months on Moon Records. We’ll have more details on the release shortly, so stay tuned!

For more info on The Grinning Ghosts, check below, and check HERE to listen to their first album and get more details on the band.

Some of the Grinning Ghosts attended the same elementary school where they were instructed in music by a man that played an ewok in Return of the Jedi (1983). They would go on to play videogames and form a band in a Del Taco parking lot after a pilgrimage to Graceland. Eventually through a Rube Goldberg of bad luck and tough calls they recorded a bunch of songs and became a supergroup featuring former members of Melted, Jurassic Shark, Bad Bikini, Grinning Ghosts, and children’s music incendiaries Eggy Pop. Now they are poised to release a prequel trilogy of EPs before their second debut album code named Infinity War Part Duex: The Squeakquel.

Also, make sure to connect with the band on Spotify here.

Photos provided by the band, featured photo by Erin Rubio @bitchjagger, words by Phillip Gutgesell