Kroq has blessed us with a “brand new” festival by the name of High & Low Fest. It takes place at the Nos Event Center this Saturday and tickets are still available and are running for $79, which is a great deal. You can still get tickets here. The Festival is headlined by bands such as Pup, Death Cab For Cutie, Tegan and Sara, and Brand New. With names like these you know the festival is sure to be a winner. High & Low also has teamed up with satire news website, The Hard Times, to give the festival a taste of comedy with a jam packed line up of comedians.

High & Low consists of two music stages, so being able to catch every artist shouldn’t be too difficult. To help you out on some of the tougher decisions, we thought we would suggest a few artists that you definitely should not miss.

First on the list is Bad Suns. Bad Suns doesn’t come on till midday on the main stage. The band have a quality studio sound, but to experience them live is something else. Their sound and stage presence just gets the crowd going, you can’t help but be pumped up. I expect to be moving to every song and hope I don’t suffer a “cardiac arrest”. See what I did there? Their hit song is “Cardiac Arrest”, and that is totally possible with the amount of dancing that will be done.

Up next on our must sees is Cloud Nothings. I personally fell in love with their self-titled album back in 2011 and have yet to see them. If the evolution of their live performance is as great as the evolution of their sound, I know I am in for a treat. Cloud Nothings is a prime example of one of those bands that consistently puts out good albums. Their songs are catchy and filled with great hooks, which are a recipe for a participating audience. I have no doubt that Cloud Nothings will put on a great show Saturday. Shortly before Cloud Nothings end I suggest heading back over to the main stage for Best Coast.

Best Coast by James Sakert

As a California native attending a festival in Southern California I am stating this now, “Anyone who skips Best Coast is unpatriotic and has to leave the great nation of California.” Best Coast is another one on the list that I have yet to see live but am looking forward to dancing to their catchy tunes.

Death Cab by Kate Scott

Now to suggest some artists that I love and have seen before, Death Cab For Cutie and Brand New. I was fortunate enough to see both at Riot Fest last year in Chicago and it was by far two of my top high lights that weekend. I loved their sets more than Misfits with Danzig and that says a lot coming from a giant misfits fan.

Brand New specifically is a must see because more than likely their career ends in 2018. This may very well be your last chance to see Brand New, at the very least in their prime. Also, their new album “Science Fiction” is a freaking work of art. I have played that album straight through over and over again; I can’t wait to see it live.

Coin is a band that have been making waves at great festivals and we’re excited to catch them live. Again, since High and Low is one day and two stages, it’ll be a great time catching the rising stars earlier in the day.

Tegan and Sara by Roger Ho for Lollapalooza 2017

Tegan and Sara were one of the highlights of Lollapalooza, so seeing them at High & Low is a no brainer. The iconic duo is one of the bigger draws for the whole festival, so everyone should be at their set at at 7:20.

Alex G by Natalie Somekh

Alex G just played with Frank Ocean at FYF. That was a major career booster right there. Buzzy and producing amazing albums, the young artist will be climbing up lineups at major festivals for the next few years. See him early at 4:15 to see what all the buzz is about.

For my Golden Pick of the entire festival I suggest seeing PUP on the side stage right before Death Cab and Brand New. I recently fell in love with them over this past summer and have had them on repeat in my car. PUP is relatively new to the scene but with headlining spots on festivals like High & Low, I foresee them doing big things in the near future. If you haven’t heard their music yet, throw on their 2 albums on the way to the festival and meet me at the side stage at 8 pm for some friendly thrashing during PUP.

There’s also an entire day of comedy laid out with some amazing greats. We suggest popping over whenever you have some downtime from sets which is pretty easy due to the well orchestrated stage times.

So music and comedy, you couldn’t really ask for a better fest. We’re excited to see what KROQ and Hard Times can do

Words by Taylor Wong