Riot Fest once again managed some amazing reunion shows, full album sets and a diverse lineup that has a little bit for everyone. Coupled with amazing food and unique merch and vendors, Riot Fest 2017 is not to be missed. Although you won’t be able to see every set the weekend has to offer, there are some definite highlights you won’t want to miss.

If headlining the coolest major festivals worldwide the last few years and appearing on the single greatest episode of Twin Peaks doesn’t make you want to see Nine Inch Nails then I don’t know what will. The band closed out FYF like the legends they are and are one of the biggest highlights of any fest they play. Seasoned veterans like Trent Reznor are guaranteed to deliver stellar performances no matter where or when they play.

Nine Inch Nails by Lee Bedrouni


One of the biggest reunion acts and selling points for Riot Fest this year. These guys got a lot of people interested in a Chicago fest made famous for landing some of the biggest reunion tours in the universe. Well, maybe not universe? We wanna see some other worldly David Bowie shows in the great beyond still. Until then, you better get excited for Jawbreaker.

New Order

Again, you don’t really need a solid convincing on why you should see New Order. Don’t know the band? Just look up their Greatest Hits and you’ll remember hearing their singles pretty much your entire life all over the world. You shall and will obey.

Wu-Tang Clan (GZA by Phillip Gutgesell)

Do we even need to explain why you should be excited to see Wu-Tang Clan? Members of the Wu have made appearances all over the world the last few years, but full on performances are rare. We’ve been to about 100 festivals and never seen this many surviving members together at once in a very long time.


Fidlar have been rocking so many fests that we’re getting excited hoping for a new album sometime soon. With 2 albums worth of material, you’ll pretty much hear the full gamut from the young punks. These guys are festival and fan favorites everywhere they go.

Bad Brains

Bad Brains are one of the most iconic punk bands in history. It’s also unlikely you’ve ever seen them play before. If you go to Riot Fest and don’t check out the legendary D.C. hardcore act, you’re missing out, especially since it’s an exclusive fortieth anniversary set at the fest.

Best Coast by Katherine Wilburn

If you’ve never been to California before, Best Coast is your sunny dose of West Coast guitar rock godliness. Bethany and Bobb are the perfect duo to brighten up any day. With 3 solid albums out, the band will deliver a solid set of hit after hit.

Gwar by Katherine Wilburn

It isn’t Riot Fest without a splatterfest brought to you by GWAR. If you’re wearing white, we advise not getting near the famously gory super group unless your thing is to look like a bloody Jackson Pollock painting. That being said, it’s a right of passage seeing the band go to town on various mock ups of political figures while also going to town on their instruments.


Riot Fest reunited The Misfits. Riot Fest somehow got Danzig to play again this year, and to play Danzig 3 in its entirety. This is the single most mandatory set of the festival all weekend. Tell me how the Gods killllllllllll!?

The Regrettes by James Sakert

The Regrettes are a local band from Los Angeles who we’ve seen more times than we can count, and they keep getting better. Their early releases were so good from a few years ago, it landed them a deal with Warner Brothers. After touring with Sleigh Bells, Kate Nash, and recording their debut album, the band is set to take over the world.