California, and in particular, Los Angeles, is going through a huge shift in culture and demographics. Tropicália Music and Taco Fest was one of the first large festivals to acknowledge and cater to that fact and demographic.

In a sea of generic indie rock festivals, Tropicália hand picked the best and most relevant local favorites and paired them with huge international stars like King Krule, Los Tigres Del Norte, Ivy Queen, Kali Uchis and more.

Los Tigres Del Norte

Locals got the best of both worlds and a huge dose of Hispanic and Latin culture along with hometown favorites like Long Beach’s own Bane’s World.

King Krule

The dramatic shift in booking preferences hints at a much welcome change of style, pace, and tastes. Booking agents and fests like Viva Presents and Viva Pomona have been at the forefront of booking bands not only from all over Los Angeles, but from all over the world, including favorites from Spain and Mexico. One only needs to look at the diversity of Los Angeles and California in general to understand this is a much-needed trend that showcases fresh and talented artists across the board and across the border.


Bands like Thee Commons for example are popular with Viva fests and shows, Tropicalia, and many local record labels as their iconic imagery is wired into the collective conscious of the California and Mexican music scenes. Even Coachella has gotten into the act as various articles pointed to the fact that Rene Contreras (of Viva!) handpicked a new stage for the iconic fest stacked with California favorites and Latin flair.

Thee Commons by Grace Dunn

Tropicália Fest did well in observing the shift in booking trends and decidedly partnered with Latin music favorites and organizers to produce a progressive and inclusive festival that was a step forwards in accurate representation of Los Angeles’ diversity.

Chicano Batman

Bands like Chicano Batman and Kali Uchis represent such a positive change in music and the attitudes of festivals that we’re very excited for what the fest circuit will include and look like in the years to come.

Kali Uchis

We hope Observatory and Tropicalia Fest continue their booking excellence well into the next decade, and keep providing California with diverse, inclusive festivals that celebrate culture, amazing food, great music, and all around good times.

Photos by James Sakert